Gift giving is such a wonderful part of life. Gifts can improve relationships, help others feel valued and cared for, and show love and appreciation. 
It's great to receive gifts, but we especially love giving them. Thinking about the other person and what they would truly enjoy receiving, finding the most undeniably perfect item that demonstrates the exact feeling that we are trying to convey, putting it all together in a way that makes a lasting impression and brings an authentic smile of surprise and enchantment to the receiver's face...THAT is why we created GYFTIA. 
We know that sometimes gift-giving can be overwhelming, time-consuming and frustrating, especially when you can't seem to find that perfect gift. We want to change that. We want you to experience the JOY in GIFTING.
We spend the time searching for those beautiful, quality products that go perfectly together, as well as a lovely vessel in which to artfully arrange the items so they are visually attractive. Everything from the products and box to the complementing colors of the filler, ribbon and greenery we include, all the way to the delicate tying of the ribbon and the card with your message, every touch is carefully and thoughtfully selected by us so that you can leave the time-consuming frustration of searching behind.
We know the gift will represent YOU, and that's why we take great care and put all our love into each of the boxes we send out. 
Choose one of the curated gift boxes by going to the SHOP menu on the home page. In the Cart page, let us know where to send the gifts and then get ready to receive compliments! If you have any questions or would like to customize a gift, please feel free to contact us
Happy Gifting!