How to make a grown-up Halloween party goodie bag



Remember when Halloween was a celebration mostly for children? It's quite evident it's developed into something much bigger in the last few years.

If you are thinking of throwing a grown-up Halloween party, your to-do list must be quite long. Luckily, we can help with one of the tasks: the goodie bag.

With paper bags from the Dollar Store in hand, you can:

  1. Decorate with washi tape in gold, silver, copper or black-patterned instead of the traditional orange to give your bag a more classic look.
  2. Add stick-on letters matching the washi tape to express theme-related words.
  3. Stamp shapes or words on tissue paper with a stamp pad.
  4. For a sweet treat, instead of the traditional popcorn balls or candied apples, you can dip apples in dark chocolate (melt chocolate chips slowly in the microwave) and add some chopped nuts for crunch and texture.
  5. Add samples-size items you believe the receiver will enjoy. Places like Target, Sephora, or Ulta are good sources to get these without breaking the bank.

We chose a few of our upcoming products for ours:

  • Lucia #1 soap
  • McCrea's Caramels
  • Rose Clay Purifying Mask
  • and our homemade chocolate-dipped apples with pecans.

Whatever you choose to do this Halloween, be safe and have fun! Remember that keeping things simple can save you time and energy. This goodie bag is inexpensive, fun to do, and will add something out of the ordinary to your party.

Realtors and Lenders: How to increase your referrals


It’s truly a moment to remember when the family you’ve been helping for the last few weeks finally gets their loan approved or receives the keys to their new home. It’s priceless, really. Family members smile and hug each other. Their faces show a sense of relief that their search for home ownership is finally over.

You loved helping them and wish they’d tell others about their experience with you. You think they probably will, but how can you improve the odds? You can make a lasting impression by doing something your competitors probably haven’t thought about…yet:


Surprise them with a beautiful Housewarming Welcome gift box:

Our curated wooden boxes include items that the new homeowners will love to use in their kitchen: a beautiful tin of exquisite high-quality Spanish Olive Oil; a gorgeous artisan wooden spoon made out of cherry wood by an exclusive artisan in the US, as well as the matching spaghetti fork, both pieces with a bit of a “wild” look that make them great conversation pieces; a magnificently photographed cooking book; gourmet sea salts; a tea towel and an apron made out of 100% durable linen; and other great gifts. Each of the boxes include a few of these items or you can call us to customize a box just for you. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to impress!


We finish the look of our boxes with double-sided satin ribbon which we can match to your business colors. We will personalize it with a tag with the words “Welcome home”, your name, and your company logo. We will ship the box directly to your client on your behalf.

Imagine your customer’s surprise when they receive this beautiful box with your name and well wishes.

More referrals? We are pretty sure the answer is YES.

The Gifts of Autumn

gyftiafallboxes-35 - Copy


Autumn brings the harvest, bright orange pumpkins, delicious apple cider, hay rides, fun corn mazes, the magic of trees changing leaves, and the soft warmth of golden sun rays. It is also the beginning of gatherings and dinner celebrations as we start getting into the holiday mood, each year a bit earlier than the previous one, or so it seems.

With so many fun events to attend, going all over town to find that perfect hostess gift can prove a bit overwhelming when there are a million other things to do. A bottle of the host’s favorite beverage? A bouquet of flowers? Both nice but yes, it’s been done. 

Presenting the dinner host or hostess with a thoughtful gift not only shows appreciation but also recognition for all the hard work that went into making the event a success. Imagine how they would feel when they receive a box with some essentials especially selected to compliment the joys of the season. It can be just a few simple items. A luscious hand lotion for the windy days ahead or a fragrant candle paired with an elegant decorative item.

It’s true that it is the thought that counts. Yet, when your gift is a token that represents you and your sentiment it needs to be thoughtfully planned, carefully packed, and beautifully presented.

Either one gift for or host or hostess, many for employees in your company, or various for every member of your wedding party, that's what we love doing at GYFTIA. Especially when we get to play with the earthiness of the fall colors in our lovely Kraft or wood boxes. They are the perfect nest for gifts that will be remembered.